Wealth Solutions Founder Takes Much Needed Time When Working With Clients

Wealth Solutions is a registered firm in Texas that advises people how to invest their money wisely. They provide personalized and comprehensive planning of finances for families, individuals, and owners of small businesses that live in and around Austin, Texas. They also offer services for protecting, managing, and growing assets. Wealth Solutions also offer’s the chance to receive weekly, monthly, or quarterly emails from their financial education series by signing up through their website. Wealth solutions recommends that people looking to invest start when their young and stay through their whole life because time is what causes your investments to grow.


The founder of wealth solutions is Richard Blair, A man who founded wealth solutions with the goal to make a difference in individuals, families, and businesses lives by providing them with ways to invest money and end up with more in the end. Richard Blair believes that teaching people about investing their money is a good way to help them because he comes from a family of teachers who showed him how positive teaching can help one’s knowledge and help them gain confidence. Richard Blair entered the field of financial services in 1993 after graduating from college. It only took Richard Blair one year to found his own firm wealth solutions in 1994.


Richard Blair helps his clients with their financial planning by helping them learn how to save for retirement and teaching them what they should not do when it comes to financial planning so they don’t have to run the risk of messing something up by not knowing what to do. Richard Blair uses three pillars in his approach to financial planning. The first pillar includes Richard finding what his clients goals are for the future and planning with those goals that will be successful in accomplishing what the client is looking for as well as explaining the process to clients and answering any questions they may have, this is where Richard builds a strong bond with his clients and provides them with realistic expectations of what will happen. The second pillar is to come up with a long-term investment strategy that meets the client’s goals and needs. The second pillar includes financial and investment tracking to make sure everything is going the way it should. The last pillar is when Richard discusses with clients their insurance needs by helping them prepare for road blocks by finding them insurance in case something does happen. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/blog