The War Machine Trabuco

The Trabuco is deep rooted in Europe’s History. This War Machine is Ancient and was used on many battle fields. It’s use as a catapult caused a lot of damage to Fortress walls. The first way damage was done was when the large stones were thrown over the walls. This took out enemy soldiers protecting the Fortress. Another way this weapon of War destroyed was by busting holes in the wall foundations. Foot soldiers were able to crawl thru the holes in the walls to fight their enemy. This machine was the first type of advanced weapon that History had seen.

Several types of the Trabuco were created as time went on. The first kind created was one used for traction. The next one was more advanced and used for balancing also. The use of the Trabuco would eventually lead to the creation of more advanced weaponry.


The Trabuco was a war machine in Ancient times according to This machine had massive power and very fast speeds. It could hold tremendous amounts of weight on the structure’s catapult end. The War machine could launch rocks and other heavy objects. The Trabuco has amazing levels of accuracy. It has been called one-of-a-kind, when compared to other Ancient weapons.

Historians have researched that this weapon is unlike any other. They have found that the Trabuco is like the revolver with the same sharp accuracy. In the year 600 A.D., Europeans started using this weapon in times of War according to Leaders in Europe had seen how many previous victories other Countries had.

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End Citizens United Gains Momentum

As the fight against corruption in our political system continues unabated, there is one political action committee that has become a leader in this fight for democracy. The organization is known as End Citizens United, and it is headed by the executive director and president Tiffany Muller.

The organization was originally founded in 2015 just five years after the controversial Supreme Court decision that found corporations were entitled to the same rights as individuals in regards to campaign donations. Since the original Citizens United versus the federal election commission court decision was announced billions of dollars have been spent in an effort to control our politicians. The vast majority of these funds have been funneled through special interest political action committees that are funded by large corporations and mega-donors. End Citizens United was formed in the wake of this political atrocity. It has been a beacon of hope to all those who believe that America is a paragon of democracy. Using only grassroots methodologies, the political action committee has managed to grow to over 3 million numbers, and in the last three years, it has managed to collect over $50 million in political donations. Thanks to the expert leadership from Tiffany Muller who has spearheaded the organization’s effort to end big money’s influence in politics.

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Tiffany Muller is experienced in the world of politics having been a member of the Democratic Senatorial campaign committee and has served as chief of staff for two members of the Senate. With the guidance offered by her and Matt Burgess the organizations executive vice president, it has made substantial inroads in the American political system. However the question still begs, who is End Citizens United? End Citizens United is a nonprofit group that was formed with the specific goal of eliminating the influence of corporate donations and political campaigns. It is their belief that the political system is currently raked due to the decision that was made by the Supreme Court that allowed the floodgates to be opened for corporate donations and untraceable money leading to politicians who were not held accountable for their constituents.

Since its inception End Citizens United has managed to 15 politicians be elected to positions of power throughout the nation. Each of those 15 politicians has made a pledge to reject corporate special interest political action committee donations. The trend of politicians turning down these donations is growing stronger. During the first election cycle that the organization took part in only a handful of politicians made the pledge to reject corporate donations. However, in 2018 during the midterm election cycle, the majority of politicians somewhere around 70% have been noted as having made statements that reject donations from special interest groups and corporate political action committees.