Igor Cornelsen: The Skilled Investment Banker

Hailing from Curitiba, Igor Cornelsen has successfully built a career as a financial investment banker. He combined two major fields namely engineering and economics. His commitment to providing fact-based investment advisory that lacks unfounded opinions of analysts in the same sector is proof of his education at the Parana University where he majored in engineering and later earned a degree in economics.

While he changed courses, Igor’s first years in the new job in 1970 pointed to his skills in arithmetic. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen was appointed to serve as the CEO of Multibanco after graduating from college. In 1978, Cornelsen made a defining career move when he joined Unibanco as an investment banker. The bank specialized in banking and investment. He spent seven years serving at the firm then decided to pursue various challenges overseas.

Igor Cornelsen has since been praised for being an impeccable investment banker committed to changing the client’s lives. He is a staunch believer in the power of information technology in investment banking. He also made a huge career move in 1985 when he joined the Libra Bank PLC as a specialist in investment banking. The company is an affiliate of the London Merchant Bank, and it paid workers in dollars. That was an opportunity for Igor Cornelsen to venture into finance by opening more investment opportunities for other workers. While he joined Standard Chartered Merchant Bank at some point and served as a board member, Cornelsen focused on establishing a firm that would provide financial services to emerging entrepreneurs.

The firm assisted customers to navigate investing processes with a broad spectrum of resources. Therefore, investments were majorly made in the real estate sector, stocks, and bonds. As a team leader, Igor Cornelsen specializes in generating successful business ideas for entrepreneurs. He plays a crucial role in helping clients to invest in a low-risk business.

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