What Makes Boraie Development Possible

Each property, as owned under Boraie Development, completes a vision for the future of Newark, New Jersey. In attempt to improve its streets, Newark city has a few incentives and some open lots to start with.

The Work Boraie Development Has Done

– The Rector: The One Rector building is a 1960 high rise. It has an appearance suitable for modern day, and it holds, within its tall, sleek structure, 169-residential units. Families and professionals are found in all of its 23 stories.

– The Aspire: The Aspire building changes things up with 238 units in a 10,000-square-foot building. Aspire has luxury apartments and stands with a straight, glass facade. The roof’s sundeck, along with its BBQ patio, is open to residents. Each renter has access to a fitness center and the services of a 24-hour doorman.

As the Family Legacy Lives On …

Omar Boraie, after making it to the United States from Egypt, brought his family into what’s now a booming agency. He started as a chemist and never thought he’d choose construction instead. His sons now work with him and provide the city with a larger hope.

Boraie has also secured a partnership with Shaquille O’Neal as a source of funding. A revitalization project is underway, and it promises to be lucrative for everyone involved.

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