The Academic Fusion of Art and Athletics

There are several skills that can be applied to virtually all aspects of one’s life. These are time management, organization, communication, criticism, and drive. The Academy of Art University strives to combine art and athletics in a way that builds upon these skills.

The Academy of Art University was founded in San Francisco, California during 1929, by Richard S. Stephens. At the time it was know as the Academy of Advertising. The Academy has stayed in the family since then, and is currently being run by Elisa Stephens since 1992.

The ability to manage one’s time is crucial to any task. How we handle organization affects how efficient we are. Being unorganized is a tax on time and effort. If you are organized, you’ll feel like you have more time and energy.

As you might expect from a Californian academy, the campus is a breathtaking environment. While the main campus is inside the city, amazing weather and beautiful scenery are right around the corner. It is the perfect location for arts and athletics.

Communication and criticism are very important to the athlete and artist. You can’t do everything alone, so important social skills are a must. The criticism peers provide will improve your skills by letting you know what you need to improve the most. There are always people we can learn from and get feedback from, it’s important to know how to work with them properly.

The school offers a variety of degrees from associate’s to master’s in a number of subjects. Most of the degrees are in the arts. Subjects ranging from the Fine Arts to Architecture. There are many other subjects to take on the side, such as fashion.

The saying goes, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”, but that is not the entire story. You need the drive and the ambition in order to “Do.”. The ability to put forth the effort to accomplish a task, to “just do it”, is no small skill, but it can be learned like any other. Art Academy brings the experience needed to do that.

Dick DeVos: A Major Donor To The Kennedy Performing Arts Center In D.C.

Richard Marvin (Dick) DeVos Jr. has spent his career in business, politics but most notably philanthropy as he’s served with organizations whose objectives mesh with his beliefs of traditional conservative values. He also is a performing arts enthusiast, so it’s no surprise he and his wife Betsy have served on the board at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center and also donated $22 million to the completion of its Arts Management Institute which was named in their honor and later merged with the University of Maryland. Dick DeVos also donated another $1 million to the Kennedy Center in 2015 for an expansion project.


Dick DeVos started out getting his formal business training at Northwood University in Michigan and worked for many years at his father Richard DeVos Sr’s company Amway Corporation. He even was CEO of Amway for 10 years and also founded an investment firm known as The Windquest Group whose holdings have been in neurosciences, clean water products and alternative energy production. He also served as CEO of the Orlando Magic for a few years after his family acquired the franchise in 1991.


Dick and Betsy are probably best known for being education reformers and working with lawmakers to promote legislation favoring school of choice and more opportunities for private schools. Dick was elected once to the Michigan Board of Education and also became a founder of several scholarship funds including the Education Freedom Fund and Children First America, while also working closely with the American Education Reform Council. He was also responsible for a Michigan State ballot initiative in the 2000 elections that would have amended the state constitution to favor private school voucher programs, though it was voted down. Dick and Betsy also chaired several charter school associations and helped open the West Michigan Aviation Academy. In the election of 2016 Betsy was chosen to become the next US Secretary of Education.


Dick has taken his philanthropy to Michigan’s Healthcare industry as well, and was given the Art of Giving award for his gift to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. He is also a former political candidate who ran for governor in 2006 but lost to then incumbent Jennifer Granholm. But he also wrote the book “Rediscovering American Values” in 1998 and has also worked closely with the Heritage Foundation and Hudson Institute, both of which were key in passing a 2012 right-to-work law in Michigan along with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.